Yosemite Offwidths

The Yosemite Hardman Offwidth Training Circuit

For me this all started when I saw that the Reid Yosemite Free Climbs guidebook notes that the route Chingando is part of the "Hardman Offwidth Training circuit". There were no further details about this mysterious circuit but it aroused my curiosity.

Asking online on various discussion groups revealed that there is no official circuit, but I did get several lists of recommended offwidths. This web page is an attempt to summarize all that information and more in one place.

Thanks to all who have provided the information collected here. Comments, suggestions, corrections and additions are always welcome.

Last update 3 May 2010.

As a starting point, here is a sequence of routes to try provided by Bruce Bailey. It is based on the difficulty of the offwidth sections of each climb, which is not necessarily the same as the rating of the entire climb:

For some pointers on preparing to climb Twilight Zone, see this post by Peter Haan from the SuperTopo forum.

Tom Higgins has some Tips on Yosemite Off-Width Cracks.

See also WideFetish.com for more OW route beta, pictures, discussion etc.

Table of Offwidths

This table lists routes involving OW climbing. The list is primarily single pitch and shorter multipitch routes. For some information on Big Walls, see below.

Table key:

Routes are listed by difficulty. The overall difficulty of the route is used. The offwidth sections may therefore be easier than the grade shown. If this is the case it will usually be noted.

Name Location Notes
Anti-Ego Crack Knob Hill [Alex] Start is fists behind a flake, not steep. OW for smaller hands.
The Rorp Reed's Pinnacle [Greg Barnes] 5.5 OW p2, 5.7 OW/flares/squeeze higher.
Name Location Notes
Angelina Little Wing Area [Alex] Looks like a nice OW/squeeze, size looks like 6-12". Tree anchor at top? Shady. Not climbed.
Bongs Away, Left Reed's Pinnacle [Alex] Fists and offwidth double cracks off the ledge to easier climbing.
Ivory Tower, Left Olmstead Canyon, Tuolumne [Alex] Pretty nice short offwidth.
Little John, Left El Capitan, Southwest Base Area [Alex] Fists, or OW for smaller hands. Steep and nice crack in a corner. Pro to 3-4".
[Greg Barnes] 5.8 OW, can TR after doing the route Little John, Right.
Pharaoh's Beard, Regular Route Pharaoh's Beard area Recommended as an OW practice route by TomT.
Squeeze-n-Tease Little Wing Area [Ed Hartouni] Gear to 6".
Trial By Fire Serenity Crack area [Melissa] Definitely! (as a practice OW pitch)
[ZAllen] Really fun, great protection in a range of sizes in the back of the wide crack.
Name Location Notes
Absolutely Free, Left Side Lower Brother, Base [John Long] I remember the Left Side of Absolutely Free as having only two nuts in the whole pitch (when we did it). Plenty secure and not real hard, but don't fall.
Absolutely Free, Center Lower Brother, Base Recommended as an OW practice route by TomT and Ed Hartouni.
The Chosen Few Leaning Tower, Base [Greg Barnes] 5.9 OW.
Doggie Deviations Camp 4 Wall [Melissa] Upper pitches are good practice.
Doggie Diversions Camp 4 Wall [Melissa] Upper pitches are good practice, lower pitch is good if you're smaller.
Lancelot Camp 4 Wall Recommended as an OW practice route by Ed Hartouni.
Moby Dick, Left El Capitan, Southwest Base Area [Alex] A friend climbed this in Spring 2005 and found it to be loose, difficult to protect and not particularly enjoyable.
[Bruce Bailey] A friend and I climbed Ahab, Moby Center, and then this all in the same day. By the time we got to this we were laughing hysterically - "only a 5.9!!!!"
[Bruce Hildenbrand] As history note, the crux of Moby Dick Left used to be getting around a huge, car-sized, chockstone in the crack about 2/3 of the way up. I did the route way back in 1976 or so and a few years later the chockstone fell out. Yikes!
Peter Pan El Capitan, West Buttress [Bruce Hildenbrand] It starts out at about 3.5 inches and just gets wider and wider until you can chimney it. Getting over a flake which is in front of the crack at mid-height is the crux. Bring everything from 3.5 to 8" gear, one of each, and be prepared to use it.
The Sphinxter Sentinel Creek area [Alex] 5.8 OW to 5.9 chimney according to Reid.
[Melissa] Suggested as an OW practice route.
Name Location Notes
Absolutely Free, Right Side Lower Brother, Base [Bruce Bailey] Another barrel of laughs. This felt like one of the hardest offwidths I had ever done (5.10a?). Bring as much big stuff as you can get your hands on (all sizes). A real puker.
Bongs Away, Center Reed's Pinnacle [Alex] Can be TRed after climbing Bongs Away, Left
Chingando Reed's Pinnacle [Alex] Short section of hands/wide hands leads to a wide section that will take a nut or two. Then it is gradually widening offwidth to the top, going from about #5 to #6 Friend and then wider. There are a fair number of face holds inside and around the crack. There is a nice 2 bolt anchor off to the left just before the unprotectable diagonal chimney to the top. Nice view, not that fun to climb. Easy to set up as a TR by climbing up from behind.
[Bruce Bailey] Lots of stuff in the 5-6inch range, then maybe some stuff to 8 inches for the squeeze at the top.
Crack of Despair Elephant Rock, West Side [Bruce Bailey] A barrel of laughs. Include some gear up to 7 or 8 inches.
[Tom Higgins] Quite secure off width; sharp edge to grab, good heel toe with right side in, stronger side for most; good bolt protected it in old days; key lore - here Frank Sacherer nearly pulled Tom Gerughty off because young, inexperienced Tom stepped on a bolt to rest; some old mentors were pretty strict about free being free.
Doggie Do Middle Brother, Base [Bruce Bailey] Good beginner's offwidth.5.10a.
East Chimney Rixon's Pinnacle [Pat Ament] I think a very safe off-width, but quite difficult (5.10), and yet easily protected, is the far East Chimney of Rixon's Pinnacle, the actual first 5.10 in Yosemite originally led by Robbins as a lieback. You can get some good protection, a couple of good things, in the crux, then if you slip you simply slide down a bit on a smooth wall, not hitting anything.
[Werner Braun] Unfortunately East Chimney of Rixon's Pinnacle is a potential death zone nowadays due to the unstable rockfall zone on the upper tiers of the wall. The place over there can release rocks at any time in the whole Rixon's to the Good Book area. It remains as an unstable zone as of today. [11 April 2007]
The Enigma Cookie Cliff [Clint] Short but pure section with a chicken wing on P2.
[Melissa] Suggested P2 as an OW practice route. P1 is good practice too.
Gollum, Left Side El Capitan, Southeast Base Area [Peter Haan] Has big holds inside the offwidth roof crack and looks way worse than it turns out to be.
[Russ Walling] Roofy and dry in the rain.
The Hourglass, Right Side Ribbon Creek Area [Tom Higgins] Right side has pretty short crux and not too hard, but hard to protect with bars and tubes; remote, peaceful feel to Ribbon Falls area and views to soaring west wall of El Cap.
Lost Arrow Chimney Upper Yosemite Falls, east [Peter Haan] The offwidths are not the crux, its the overhanging pin-holed basin P9 (about 4 moves) that is the problem. (also don't do the Harding Hole, much more interesting climbing outside of it.
Moby Dick, Center El Capitan, Southwest Base Area [Alex] Short section of fists or OW near the top.
Orange Juice Avenue Loggerhead Buttress [Russ Walling] Crappy leaning mess.
Red House Little Wing Area [Alex] Striking combination chimney/flare/squeeze. May be difficult to protect the lower parts without huge gear. Can tunnel through and out the right side. Shady. Walkoff right possible from top. Not climbed.
Reed's Direct Reed's Pinnacle [Bruce Bailey] One 6 inch piece will probably protect the crux flare at the top of the last pitch.
Reed's Left Reed's Pinnacle [Bruce Bailey] Beautiful, classic, direct line. Bring lots of stuff in the 6 inch range.
[The Warbler] One of the best offwidths IMHO is the Left Side of Reeds. Hell, it's so classic Ansel Adams photographed the first chimney pitch! The second pitch is 10a, 5 or 6 inches, and about as user friendly as a wide crack can be. You can even toprope it after the squeeze thru behind Reed's, if you don't wanna lead it.
The Riddler Little Wing [le_bruce] The Riddler, out at Little Wing, is a great line. It's not an offwidth per se, but is great practice. It's a flared squeeze/chimney, it protects well w/ gear everyone has (hand/fist sized crack in the back of the flare), the outside edge is crisp and positive when things get tough. It's not too hard. But, it allows for excellent practice on the body language needed for that size. When you're struggling, you always have the option of a) throwing a hand or fist jam into the crack in the back, or b) yarding on the outside edge of the flake that makes the chimney. The Riddler is rated .10a, but that rating is likely for the short, preamble section that leads to the wide.
Sacherer Cracker El Capitan, Southwest Base Area [Alex] Short section of nice 5.9 offwidth at the top. There is a short 5.7 wide section to get off the ground but it's only an awkward move or two, not something worth seeking out for OW practice.
Secret Storm Middle Brother, Base [Peter Haan] Secret Storm is not chossy (Russ); its tight, clean and really a unique climb--one pitch, a little brother of Edge of Night.
[Russ Walling] Camp 4 choss.
Siberian Swarm Screw Goldrush Area -
Sow Sow Sow Loggerhead Buttress -
Name Location Notes
Dick Wrenching Classic Loggerhead Buttress -
Enemy Within Olmstead Canyon, Tuolumne [Alex] Pretty nice OW. Can scramble to the top via a gully a few hundred feet to the right.
Midterm Arch Rock [Alex] Ever widening crack goes from 5.10b fingers to 5.10a offwidth. Very slippery fingers start then good hands. Short and awkward move into the wider section then straightforward squeeze to the top.
Moby Dick, Ahab El Capitan, Southwest Base Area [Alex] The Reid guidebook says pro to 3", this is wrong! Bring at least one #6 Friend plus doubles of hand sized pieces for the top section. Probably best to bring 2x #6 Friend, 1x #4 Camalot, 1x #3 Camalot and doubles from #2 to #.5 Camalot. Physical and strenuous climbing through the squeeze.
[Bruce Bailey] Everyone has seen this route just to the right of Moby Dick. No mysteries here.
The Remnant, Left Side El Capitan, Southwest Base Area [Reid] Pro to 3.5"
The Slack, Left Side El Capitan, Southwest Base Area [Bruce Bailey] Bring stuff to 7 or 8 inches, and be sure to save some big stuff for near the top of the pitch. My friend lead this and thought he was through the worst of it, after climbing a squeeze chimney. He left most of his big stuff in the middle of the lead, thinking he wouldn't need it. He was rudely surprised at the top, where he had to do a scarey runout on a slightly overhung, 7 inch section.
[Tom Higgins] Tubes and bars did not work too well, but climb felt much more safe than TZ with no fall prospect onto piercing flakes; crux creeps up, wearing you out if don't go easy; overall, good, stiff starter off-width given easy access too.
Vendetta The Cookie Cliff [Bruce Bailey] Flared, 5-5 1/2 inches. Bring a couple of pieces to 6 inches for the bottom, and save about 4 #4 Camalots for the flared crux.
Name Location Notes
Edge of Night Middle Brother, Base [Bruce Bailey] Hideous, flared, greasy, overhanging 5 inch (my worst size) section. This entire pitch could probably be lead with just #4 Camalots (about 5 of them)!
[Tom Higgins] Very hard technically due to nasty flare; easy to flail and try to overpower; again, bongs and bars not good; modern big friends probably much better.
[John Long] Of all those off widths you mentioned, I thought Edge of Night was the hardest (for me), but I did it really early on and never went back. I couldn't fit into the thing and climbed it left side in, face climbing with my feet and melting out every move. Cream and TZ and Slack L side and Hourglass R side and all the rest you can really plug into, and if you're in shape, you just concentrate on pacing and not burning out or losing focus.
Galen's Crack TR Polly Dome, Tuolumne [Alex] One or two move crux, easy to set up as a TR.
[Russ Walling] Short TR.
Generator Crack TR Generator Station [Alex] Classic offwidth TR. Gradually widens from about 8" to a tight chimney at the top. The wall is overhanging but there are some features inside the crack that make it easier. Short crux but can be quite a struggle. Supposedly goes as a layback at 5.13.
[Russ Walling] Slick and tough straight in style but easy to stack. Seen more than one guy throw up in the chimney.
[Chappy] About Generator Crack: I guess a lot of people missed my point which is to go to Generator Crack to learn technique not necessarily to attempt to climb the entire route right out of the gate. Its easy to get to and easy to top rope. These are great attributes that can speed up the learning process. The first several body lengths are classic off width size. With a top rope and the right clothes it is perfectly safe. One can step off the tree and get right into it. I used to take people to Short Circuit to learn to climb hand cracks. Bruce Brosman thought I was nuts taking relative beginners to a 5.11d to learn to crack climb, but it worked. In fact it worked real well. I would tape their hands up and explain to them that they were there to learn technique and to not think about climbing the whole route. It was amazing to watch their progress over a period of just a few weeks. They couldn't fake it because it can't be liebacked and there are no face holds. You have to jam it. Of course I am assuming that whomever is out there trying to climb has some level of athletic ability...
Mental Block Sentinel Creek Area [Bruce Bailey] Two offwidth pitches. Impressive line.
[Russ Walling] Big low angle corner. You can push one big cam or run it out with a leg in all the way. Can also be stemmed if you are real tall.
Nowhere Man Washington Column, Base [Alex] Short wide crack in an overhanging corner. A few hard OW moves lead to chimneying. Pity the line doesn't continue out left a bit further.
Twinkie Cookie Cliff [climbrunride] I recall the first pitch of Twinkie, at the Cookie, as being good and clean. The topo shows it as fists, but it got a lot wider than that. It was great practice at inchworming up a crack, but still do-able for a newbie to offwidths. I made one note in my guidebook: "YUK!"
Wild Thing Middle Brother, Base [Russ Walling] Rock fall death now?
Wild Turkey Audubon Buttress [Bruce Bailey] Way out on Autobahn Buttress. Bring as many 5 and 6 inch pieces as you can get your hands on. I think I had about 8 - 10 pieces in this size range.
Name Location Notes
10.96 Arches Terrace Area [Alex] The crux is fists at the top of a bombay flare. Cool looking line, quite a workout.
[Russ Walling] All time favorite.
Pharaoh's Beard, Right Side Sentinel Creek Area [Russ Walling] Forgot.
Steppin Out Reed's Pinnacle [Bruce Bailey] Off on the right side of Reed's. Bring as many 6 inch pieces as you can get your hands on. It is possible to push a 6 inch Friend (Yates) practically up the entire pitch. The crux is at the very top, and can be protected by a #4 Camalot. I heard a story that Earl Wiggens lead this without any big gear! I guess all he got in was something at the chockstone (half way), and the quarter-inch bolt 20 feet below the top!
Twilight Zone The Cookie Cliff [Bruce Bailey] Number 3 Bigbros are the ticket here. About 4 of these will make this route quite save. Bring a #4 Camalot too, and some smaller (hand sized) stuff for near the top. Barry Bates told me that when Pratt lead this, he went all the way past the widest stuff without protection (about 40 feet up?). He then yelled down to someone on the ground to run to his car and get a big piton. So Pratt hung on while they fetched the piton (bong I suppose), and then he pulled it up with the rope and wanked it in!
[Tom Higgins] T-bars and tubes did not work well; felt mostly 3rd class; quite insecure and strenuous all the way until, strangely, crux where pinches down and is more technical (getting around pro) than scary; key lore is Pratt hung at crux, yelled to T.M. Herbert to run to car to get bong, hauled it up, finished climb; some say big friends make this much easier on the mind, but talk to trusted ones before go as climb has ugly, knifing flakes at bottom.
[Russ Walling] Grim flare type thing with stacks in the back. Modern pro can protect this all the way. Do it old style (with tubes that dont fit) and you are just flat out hard.
Ying-Yang Sentinel Creek Area [Alex] Pitch 2 is 5.10a OW
Name Location Notes
Cream Cream Area [Bruce Bailey] Classic. Carry many 5 and 6 inch pieces, as well as stuff up to 7 or 8 inches.
[Tom Higgins] Hard part is early while still fresh; secure higher with good knee fit; tube chocks up to 6 inches were cumbersome, but pretty secure; nice line.
[Russ Walling] Technical at the start, real bad size. Opens up to standard fare, secure with a knee in the whole way.
The Hourglass, Left Side Ribbon Creek Area [Peter Haan] Its a 30 minute approach. And it probably is the cleanest offwidth (and undercling) any of us have ever seen.
[Tom Higgins] Left side crux is very hard undercling, not off width; remote, peaceful feel to Ribbon Falls area and views to soaring west wall of El Cap.
[Russ Walling] Too far to hike.
Name Location Notes
Basket Case Basket Dome [Peter Haan] I would recommend Basket Case as the finest offwidth climb I have ever done.
The Wedge Pat and Jack Pinnacle [Bruce Bailey] I think this should be called "The Wedgie". The 5.11 face climbing at the bottom of this is NOT well protected. The wide part (5.10c) starts at hand size, and gradually gets wider up to 9 inches, so bring an assortment.
Name Location Notes
Easy Wind Mariuolumne Dome, North Wall, Tuolumne [Bruce Bailey] Impressive and beautiful, overhanging fist crack. The widest part doesn't have to be offwidthed. Carry 4 pieces in the 5 to 6 inch range.
Kaukulator The Rostrum [Russ Walling] Short OW, dry when wet.
Power Point Higher Cathedral Rock, Northeast Buttress [Bruce Bailey] The OW pitch is 5.11a and is mostly wide-fists. The offwidth section is short and is protected by a bolt, but having a #3 Bigbro would surely help alot too. Bring as many #4 Camalots and #4 Friends as you can get your hands on.
Name Location Notes
Bad Ass Momma TR Horse Trail Boulder Cracks [Alex] Super fun in a hard and acrobatic kind of a way or do power arm bars. Slightly overhanging fists to OW.
[John Long] I can't get my knee in Bad Ass Momma and if you straight arm bar that route, sans knee locks, it's horrendous.
[Russ Walling] Super TR or solo.
Blind Faith The Rostrum [Bruce Bailey] There are actually 4 pitches of offwidth on this route, 5.11a, 5.10c, 5.10b, 5.9 (the last pitch of the regular route, which the guidebook mis-rates).
Death Crack Stately Pleasure Dome, Tuolumne [Bruce Bailey] Tuolome Meadows classic. Not much offwidth necessary. A couple of #4 Camalots and a #6 friend (Yates) ought to cover the widest parts.
River Boulder TR Roadside Attraction Area [Russ Walling] Slick wide hand/fist to flare.
Name Location Notes
Jaws TR Elephant Rock Boulders [Russ Walling] Roof, hard, and then harder. TR w/ backrope & lead.
Space Invader TR Horse Trail Boulder Cracks [Alex] Very close to the Ahwahnee parking lot. Very overhanging corner goes from fists to wide. Big gear needed for TR setup and best to have a second rope from below to catch the swing as there is a large boulder that one can hit...
[Russ Walling] Hideous lieback?
Name Location Notes
The Crucifix Higher Cathedral Rock [Russ Walling] Mostly fist.
Name Location Notes
Owl Roof The Owl Area [Alex] Mostly fists deep inside to get out to the lip, then what looks like a very awkward and burly move to get over to easier ground.
[Russ Walling] Famous butt shot.

Bigwalls That Require Offwidth Climbing

The Salathe Wall and Freerider

The Salathe Wall contains a couple of offwidth pitches, the most famous of which is the Hollow Flake. The start of this pitch is reached by a pendulum and the climbing then goes from about 6" to squeeze as it climbs up along the right edge of the large flake, ending on Hollow Flake Ledge. Although only rated 5.9, this pitch is feared because it is difficult to protect and a fall would be ugly. A #6 Friend, or similar, can be used for a good part of the pitch and near the top a #4 Big Bro can be used as it gets wider. The catch with placing gear is that this risks huge rope drag if the first piece is too low (due to the pendulum start). I found that I was able to walk a #6 Friend the whole way, although there were some spots where it probably wouldn't have held even a small fall because it was completely tipped out. The initial pendulum can be avoided via 5.12 face climbing to gain the crack. The OW itself can also be face climbed and liebacked at 5.12.

The other notable OW pitch is The Ear, which is rated 5.8. This is a bomb bay chimney high on the route and obviously it offers a lot of exposure! The climbing is a bit awkward and difficult with a helmet on.

Freerider is the free version of the Salathe. It avoids the 5.13 pitches by going out left. This variation adds a couple of offwidth pitches, including the Monster Offwidth, a long and continuous 5.11 OW pitch to reach the Alcove. A higher pitch features a beautiful 5.10 OW that was featured in a Wild Country ad. The picture shows Scott Burke liebacking the OW with three large red Friends visible in the crack. Fantastic picture!

There is some Salathe beta here that covers the Hollow Flake pitch.


Excalibur features three serious 5.12 OW pitches and has a reputation as being a tough wall because of the offwidths. These pitches were first freed by Steve Schneider. This would be quite a project to free! Otherwise, Valley Giants are recommended.


One pitch of 5.9 and one of 5.10d OW according to the Reid guidebook.

List Of Offwidths By Location

Some unsorted route information from the Reid guidebook:

Arch Rock

- Dirty Little Secret (33)		5.9		pro to 4"
- Skateaway (34)			5.10a		3-4"
- Midterm (33)				5.10b ***	5.10b thin widening to 5.10a OW then chimney, 5.8 second pitch
- The Bin (34)				5.10d *		5.10b hands to 5.10d 5" OW
- Extra Credit (35)			5.10d		first pitch is 5.10a, second pitch is 5.10d 5" OW, long approach
- Leanie Meanie (33)			5.11b ***	widening crack from 5.11b 1 1/8" to 5.10a OW, 5.9 then 5.8 pitches above
- GRE (34)				5.11		OW

Audubon Buttress

- Wild Turkey (85)			5.10c *		pro to 6"

Camp 4 Wall

- Doggie Do (136)			5.10a		pro to 3 1/2"
- Henley Quits (137)			5.10a **	5.7 OW to 5.8 squeeze to 5.10a hands

Cascade Falls, right

- The Gerbil Launcher (59)		5.10d		pro from 2 1/2 to 7"

The Cookie Cliff

- Banana Dreams (44)			5.10a		pro from 3" to 6", have to climb Hardd or similar to reach start
- Anathema (45)				5.10b		pro to 4", 2 pitches, not quite clear but looks like P1 is 5.10b OW
- Vendetta (45)				5.10b		pro to 5", 5 pitches, 5.10b OW on P2, 5.10c OW variation on P5
- Twinkie (44)				5.10c		5.8 fists to 5.10c OW/squeeze second pitch
- Twilight Zone (44)			5.10d		pro to 6", 5.9 first pitch to 5.10d OW second pitch

Cream Area

- Jam Session (325)			5.10b *		5.10b fists to OW, pro to 5"
- Cream (325)				5.11a **	5.11a to 5.9 OW, pro from 2" to 6" with extra 4-6"

Discovery View

- Overdrive (318)			5.11a *		rapel from above, P2 is 5.10a OW, P3 is 10ft 5.11a roof

Dog Dik Cliff

- Fist Puppet (36)			5.11a *		5.11 OW, reached from above after circuitous 5th class and a rapel

El Capitan, West Buttress

- Peter Pan (98)			5.9+  *		pro to 6"
- Peter Left (98)			5.10c *		pro to 3 1/2", 5.10b OW P2

El Capitan, Southwest Base

- Sacherer Cracker (102)		5.10a ***	short section of 5.9 OW at top of pitch
- Moby Dick, Ahab (104)			5.10b *		5.10b OW/squeeze

El Capitan, Gollum

- Gollum, Left Side (108)		5.10a		pro to 6"

Elephant Rock Boulders

- Jaws (342)				5.12a		hands to OW, TR

Five And Dime Cliff

- Copper Penny (78)			5.10a *		pro to 6"

Generator Station

- Generator Crack (64)			5.10c *		5.10c OW to squeeze, TR

Glacier Point Apron, East

- Milk Dud (232)			5.10a		pro to 3 1/2", chimney/OW

Goldrush Area

- Mongolian Clusterfuck (72)		5.10a R		OW, can climb 5.10a to right to get to top

Half Dome, South Face

- Happy Gully (222)			5.8		P1 is 5.4, P2 is 5.8 OW, pro to 3"
- Call Of The Wild (222)		5.10d		P1 is 5.10d fists then 5.10c OW

Horse Trail Boulder Cracks

- Bad Ass Momma (182)			5.11d		OW, TR
- Space Invader (182)			5.12a		4" to 6" overhanging corner crack, TR

Last Resort Cliff

- Ready Or Not (84)			5.11a *		5.11a P1 to short 5.10a OW P2

Leaning Tower, Left

- Yellow Corner (310)			5.12a **	5.9 OW P1

Leaning Tower, Base

- The Chosen Few (311)			5.9		pro optional to 6"

Loggerhead Buttress

- Orange Juice Avenue (118)		5.10a *		pro to 5"
- Sow Sow Sow (119)			5.10a		5.9 OW P1, 5.10a OW P2

Middle Brother, base

- Secret Storm (135)			5.10a *		5.10a OW to 5.7 chimney
- Edge Of Night (135)			5.10c *		5.10c OW, 5.9 second pitch

Narrow Escape Cliff

- Narrow Escape (28)			5.10c		9" and 5" wide
- A Desperate Kneed (28)		5.11a *		4" and 5 1/2" wide

The Owl Area

- Walrus (71)				5.9		5.9 to 5.8 OW
- The Shaft (70)			5.10d		pro 2 1/2 to 6"
- Owl Roof (70)				5.12c		pro to 6"

Pat And Jack Pinnacle

- The Wedge (53)			5.11b		pro small to 8", 5.11b face to get to 5.10c OW

Reed's Pinnacle

- Bongs Away, Left			5.8 *		pro to 3 1/2"
- Bongs Away, Center			5.10a		5.10a OW, climb two pitches of Reed's Direct or Regular to get to start
- Chingando (74)			5.10a *		pro 2 to 6"
- Reed's Pinnacle, Direct (74)		5.10a ***	P1 and P2 are 5.9, P3 has 5.10a OW section
- Reed's Pinnacle, Left Side (74)	5.10a		P1 is 5.8, P2 is 5.10a OW, various options for third pitch
- Independent Route (75)		5.10d *		P3 is 5.9 OW
- Steppin' Out (75)			5.10d **	pro to 6", have to climb something else to reach start of pitch
- Cro-Magnon Capers (77)		5.11b *		5.9 OW start to 5.11b 1 1/4"

Roadside Attraction Area

- 5.8 OW (38)				5.8		unnamed 5.8 OW on back side of River Boulder

The Rostrum Area

- Emotional Wreckage (328)		5.11b		OW of unknown difficulty to 5.11b

The Rostrum, West Base

- Kauk-ulator (334)			5.11c ***	5.11c 1 1/8" to 5.10c OW

The Royal Arches, Terrace Area

- 10.96 (181)				5.10d **	fists

Schultz's Ridge, west side

- 5.7 OW (115)				5.7		OW just left of Supertoe

Sentinel Creek Area

- The Sphinxter (259)			5.9		5.9 OW on P1, 5.8 chimney P2
- Mental Block (258)			5.10c **	pro to 6" with extra 4-6", 3 pitches of 5.10c OW

Through Being Cool

- Prime Time (50)			5.9		5.9 OW

Trix Area

- Trix (68)				5.11a		pro to 6", 5.10c P1, 5.11a P2

Upper Yosemite Falls Trail, west

- The Girl Next Door, Right Side (141)	5.10a		pro to 4", 5.10a OW to 5.9 chimney

Washington Column

- Nowhere Man (185)			5.10c		OW