Needles Mini Guide

About the Needles Mini Guide

The topos and route information presented here are based on the 1992 guidebook "Southern Sierra Rock Climbing: Needles" by Moser, Vernon and Paul. This guidebook is out of print and very difficult to find. The information here is intended to fill the void until the new guidebook is published.

The topos have been updated based on information from the marked up guidebooks at the lookout and the Ponderosa Lodge as well as personal experience climbing at the Needles. Basic route descriptions and gear suggestions are provided for routes that I have climbed or have reliable information for.

Topos are not yet available for all the formations, several of the topos are incomplete and there are certainly some errors, so use the information wisely. This is a work in progress, feedback and corrections are appreciated. Please check the Contact info page for the address to send information.

These topos are a joint effort with Clint Cummins. Further route information and topos can be found on his site:

Thanks to all those who have given feedback and helped to improve the topos.


Current Conditions and Other Notes

Fancy Free 9 Sep 2009 Beware of a large loose flake at the belay ledge for P1.
Romantic Warrior 20 May 2007 The higher fixed pin on P4 pulled out and is now gone.
Romantic Warrior 3 Sep 2006 One old bolt and one good bolt at the belay on the big ledge below the Book of Deception.
Rap slings on P8 replaced.
Devil's Dinette 2 Sep 2006 One poor bolt and one OK bolt at the anchor.
Ankles Away / Pegleg 27 Aug 2006 Belay bolts at top of P1 replaced by Clint.
Titanic 25 Jun 2006 Questionable bolts at the anchor.
Lethargy 25 Jun 2006 Questionable bolts at first belay, poor bolt on P2.
Gorilla Warfare 24 Jun 2006 Bad slings at P1 anchor.


The following pages contain route information for the major Needles formations:

This page contains an index of all topos available in PDF format.

If there is a discrepancy between the web pages and the PDFs, the PDFs will be the latest version.

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This Mini Guide and it's contents are Copyright Alexander Cooper and Clint Cummins, 2005-2010.

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